How to restore lost brushes?

I don’t know how this happened, but one day all of my brushes disappeared except Brush 1. I tried to uninstall and then reinstall software, but nothing changed. I then deleted every single file I could find that was related to the software, including the projects I had been working on (I backed them up) as I thought maybe they contained preferences that were causing this. But when I reinstalled, the brushes were still gone.

Has anyone else had this problem and do you know how to resolve it?

when you start a project you have the option to select vector layer or bitmap layers, or you can select both vector and bitmap, if you only select vector you will not have other options for brushes, to have more options for brushes you also have to select bitmap, as far as I know this works only for harmony premium but maybe for advanced too. you have to click on the large arrow to open the brushes panel with the brush tool selected.

I’m already on bitmap and there are no brushes

When you tracked down files to delete did you expose hidden files and delete those?

This might be a conflict with the saving of preferences files. See if deleting the preferences will solve. I’m not sure if you tried that before…? I paste an older post here:

As it was said above, you should delete the preferences from your system, not resetting them in Harmony. In Windows, preferences are located in the folder C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony\full-1200-pref. In Mac, I suppose it’s somewhere on Libraries, maybe, just look for Toon Boom directories or ‘1200-pref’.

You can simply rename that directory (change to full-1200-pref_bak or full-1200-pref_old, for instance). When you close the program, preferences will be updated and when you open it the default prefs will be created if non-existent. So, you can close the software and rename the dir, then open the software again. You should have the default brushes back then.

Files/folders specific to brushes (inside the full-1200-pref dir) are penstyles.xml, penstyle_opacity.plt and penstyle_opacity_textures (dir), so you can try to rename just those two files and that folder or copy them to another location for backup. It’s better to always backup before deleting.

This also happened to me and Support said that they expect it to be solved for next release or build. It’s probably related with having more than one instance/window of Harmony opened and that resulting in conflict when updating the preferences files/folder.

I suggest backing up you brushes if you custom or create new ones by exporting them all in one single xml or by project or type.

This worked, I can’t thank you enough!

Hmm if that worked then you didn’t delete all of the Toon Boom files when you thought you had deleted everything as you would have been working with the fresh preference file in the process.