How to render in DCP?

I need to render a 1 minute animation in DCP format for a movie theater.

Can anyone help me?
Thank you!

Export your animation in frames (PNG sequence, for instance) or quicktime if you want a simpler process and you want to export a file with sound. You can use DCP-o-matic to make the DCP which is free is relatively intuitive. There are some tutorials online, but the process is not very complex, just import your file (you can have an image sequence and separate sound file(s) or video and sound on a file such as a quicktime of MP4) and then go to Jobs and select Make DCP. But it’s better to read a bit about the basic process of it or watch a video tutorial. DCP-o-matic also comes with a player to test the file but it’s always better if possible to test it on a proper DCP server on a cinema.