how to remove jagde edge?

hi im doing my animation in toon boom studio i created my character in photoshop and imported it to toon bomm animated it but after i view my animated my character is showing up all pixelated i try to put image to best quality before i export but still its breaking up can anyone tell me how i can fix it because im using raster image and not vector.but i have only photoshop.

The imported bitmaps are reduced to help the performance of the rendering. When you export, the bitmap should not be pixelized. If it is, make sure your project resolution is at a good size.

how can i resize my resolution of my current project instead of going to create a new project with higher resolution ??? ??? cuz ill have to do all of that over again.

You can change the resolution in the menu: File > Animation Properties

thanks that really help alot.thanks again :slight_smile: