How to remove drawing lines without deleting invisible line strokes


I’m still pretty new to Harmony and trying my best to figure things out. I’m putting together a character with the line tool in preparation for rigging, and I’m trying to clean it up by erasing my line and ellipse tool drawings. However when I erase or remove lines I can’t seem to figure out how to keep the invisible line strokes and vector points so that the shape remains. I’ve tried looking around the program and googling solutions but I can’t quite seem to find anything to help. I’m sure it’s probably something really simple.
Anyhow, if anyone has some insight and can nudge me in the right direction, that would be very helpful.

Thank you very much in advance for any help!

In the Camera Window there is a side bar showing a blue eye icon and an “L” and “C”
underneath. These are for viewing all layers, the line layer or the colour layer respectively.

If you enable the and select the eye, it will allow drawing and paint on both the colour and
line layers. Once you have drawn and painted the drawing - if you then only wish to remove
the lines without affecting the paint regions, you must de-select the eye icon so it is not
active (grey not black) then select the line layer to select and delete the lines.

This should leave the colour region behind. What the eye icon does is enable/disable
editing on both layers at the same time.

  1. You can Create Colour Art From Line Art (with the Select Tool active there’s an icon under Operation or use shortcut * (asterisk). Then you can go to the Layer Properties, Drawing tab and deactivate the Line Art (remove the v from Line Art Enabled [v]), so you’ll have only the Colour Art contour visible on the Camera view (press K to show or hide strokes if necessary; the blue line/stroke will not be visible on export);

  2. If you’re using the Pencil tool (or Line, Rectangle, Elipse, Polyline), you can select the drawing lines with the Select Tool and, on Tool Properties, go to Pencil selection and on Maximum Size insert zero or drag the slider left to get zero value. Your line will become invisible, you’ll have to press K to see the strokes;

  3. You can draw with zero size line from the start if you wish, show/hide strokes pressing K if necessary.

With 1) you’ll have your shapes on the Colour Art layer, with 2) and 3) on the Line Art layer (by default, you can use and set whatever sublayer you wish to use).