How to reflect a symbol's extended timeline on the main stage timeline

Hi, please help if you can, I’m struggling with an issue which is slowing me down and I’m working to a deadline.

I’m working on an animation and I’ve laid out all the elements how I want it in the main timeline but one of the drawings I wanted to add more frames to, so I edit it from the library view by double clicking the symbol, extending it’s timeline and adding more frames.

When I go back to the main timeline, this particular symbol is already part of a cycle, and pressing F5 just extends the last frame’s exposure, whereas I want the whole animation to extend and loop if necessary. To make things more confusing, the original cycle has an overall motion tween on it. Do I have to delete the symbol and effectively start again with it because I’ve edited its timeline?

Thanks, I hope that made sense because I could really do with a hand. :-\

Luckily, I have a solution for you!Okay, so just to outline, you already have a symbol that’s in the timeline, and it already has some keyframes on it. Let’s say it looks something like this::-----------:123123123(I’m representing the keyframes here by : )Now you’ve gone into the symbol and added a few extra frames. So let’s say that you want the final to look like this::-----------:123451234You can definitely update the symbol without touching the keyframes. First, drag and drop your symbol from the library ON TOP OF the old symbol WHILE holding down the Ctrl key. This should pop up a paste-special dialog window. Go to the advanced tab, and uncheck all the keyframes options so that it doesn’t touch the keyframes. Now also make sure that you have “Paste all frames of the symbol” option active. You can also set the number of cycles here so that it pastes all the cycles that you need.Hope that helps! ~LillyToon Boom Support