how to reference a character

hi i want to know how to refrence a character to a diferents scenes to work individually? and olso i can do it if i change something to the original that change apply to the others?

where i can find more information about the toon boom animate? ???

You cannot have a link to another scene’s assets, you have to have a copy in each scene. You do this by saving a character or scene part as a Template in the library. When you bring from the library into the second scene it makes a copy (no links). So if you change it in one scene it doesn’t affect the other one.

Within one scene you can link stuff by creating a symbol. A symbol has linked assets but only within the present scene.

It was decided at some point that offering linked assets is pretty tricky for most small production because if you happen to move any of your scenes place the link are broken.

I had the same question mr. dejavuanimation posted.
One may need to make one ore more changes in a film while animation has started (this often happens, especially in small and on-the-fly projects), and need to see that change in all scenes. Copying back and forth between scenes seems a tricky solution.
I like this app a lot so far, but the fact that you can’t splice the film into different scenes (no Scene Manager) is quite bad.
As far as I can see, Animate doesn’t create scenes within a project folder. So, say, for a tiny, 30 second film, with 5 different scenes, I’d end up with 5 different folders! Not very practical.

The original decision makes great sense, however, I can see the value of Joshua’s statement as well. Perhaps in a future update this is something that can be implemented as a user preference? Default to the same setup as current but allow the user to change this if they need to?