How to Put Toons in Slow Motion?

Hello please help me with this…I really want to learn and this is not an average question. how do I make my Toons do slow motion like on the Matrix? 8)

Here is a series of articles I wrote explaining the fundamentals of timing in animation. You will learn a lot if you take the time to read them. UNDERSTANDING TIMING IN ANIMATION

The simple answer to your question is to increase the number of frames you use to create your motion. Don’t confuse this with the frame rate FPS setting that is always a constant. But if you were normally showing the character raising their arm and using 18 frames to show that action then if you show the same action in 36 frames it would be twice as slow. The more frames the slower the action. Using more frame to show an action means that each frame is visually closer (less changed) from the previous frame. The spacing is tighter. Again I highly recommend that you read the 4 part series I wrote. -JK