How to put a voice on.

Hi, I have just ordered TBS 3.5 today and have limited experience with just the trial versions. Now that I own TBS 3.5 what products or software do I need to record sounds/voices to import into my animations and how do I do so? Thank you.

as for the audio tools: which platform are you on?

to import a sound file you create a sound element in the exposure sheet to the right and then right click on the first frame (or any frame you want your soundtrack to start).
then you import the sound into the film from a file.

check the forum sound section for appropriate sound file formats. generally for longer sounds for the web productions the .wav is to be swapped by some compressed format, like a .mp3 or .aiff in order to keep the film file size smaller.

I had been looking forever for a decent mic. I had a heck of a time finding any informaion online too! A lot of people talked about doing their recording in a room with good sound, ect… but never anything about the hardware they were using. So, I just got this today and i LOVE it! The voice quality through the mic is superb AND you can plug a guitar or keyboard (if your keyboard has an out that takes a guitar cord) into the interface to add music to your animations. I have my keyboard hooked up to it right now and it’s sweet! The mic works with all the programs I all ready own (audacity, voice changer, etc). I haven’t tried out any of their software yet though, although it also comes with audacty (a free program which I all ready had). The price tag is up there… but I’ve never heard a consumer mic that sounded like this. If there’s better stuff out there… well, like I said, I did a lot of searching before buying, but really didn’t find much info on what I wanted to do. I wish this product was advertised as just a mic rather than “pod cast” equipment as I won’t be using it for that at all.

This is a great product for voice over. It’s made for podcasting but it actually can record CD quality voices.

Perfect for voice over in your animation.

I also have several m-audio products at home and I love them all. Great products.