How to prevent toonboom repositioning my positioned drawings when i merge layers?

Toonboom is repositioning my positioned drawings when i merge layers!

i get " Merged drawings have been repositioned"

i find this uncomprehensible and want to switch this behaviour off somehow…
But how to do it?

(with “positioned” i mean that i shifted the drawings to a new position using keyframes)

I’ve been looking for an answer for this too.
It’s disheartening that after a year you didn’t get a reply.
I paid a lot of money for this product. I’m starting to regret.

Does anyone in the toonboom staff know how to merge layers without repositioning positioned drawings?
If not, why is this even here?

Could I at least get a “Sorry, Toonboom just can’t do that” reply from the staff?
Then I’d at least know to move on.

I’m customer. At least respond to me.

This could be a good feature request if there is a way to bake a drawing before merging a layer. Please contact for more details.

As for the workaround, there are two ways.

First, one is using a select tool and copy the drawing from the Camera view which has an offset by the transform tool and then paste it to another layer will keep the position. But the drawback is you have to do each drawing.

The second one is rendering the image with a peg transform and then reimport them as a new image. If you are using Essentials or Advanced, better export it in SWF to keep the vector form while TVG export if you are using Harmony Premium. And then reimport them into the scene.

I hope this helps.

I’ll take the work around. thanks.
I don’t mind doing it one drawing at a time, but is there a way to right my own plugins?
I’d definitely like to macro this somehow.

I believe I may have stumbled upon what seems to be the problem. I am having a similar problem with one layer being particularly problematic, but realized that this one layer has a different orientation than every other layer. It’s x and y positions are not zeroed out like my other layers and no matter how I attempt to change the value and merge differently (i.e. changing stacking order, adding pegs and keyframes, merging just a few drawings at a time) the program still merges the frames a bit askew. I wonder if armed with this information anyone can come up with a fix that’s a tad bit simpler.