How to play swf movie without flash player?

hi, i’ve been trying to figuring out a better pipeline, flash player was killed.

is it possible to check the swf movie without flash player? or should i download the unofficial one and is it work fine, is it safe?

Hi, would you be able to elaborate on your current workflow? Where specifically does SWF movie files come into it, and is there anything that you specifically need that you can’t get from a standard movie export in a format like h264 or ProRes? (I would assume keeping elements vector…?)

With the slow decline of SWF files, I would at the very least consider finding another way around if possible. The unofficial Flash Player might be completely safe, but keep in mind that since it’s code that is written by the community, without a proper code audit you don’t know whether there’s any security vulnerabilities and such.

Hi Lucas, thanks for the reply.

The workflow i’d try is to export the final animation as swf, then for import to after effects. Because swf offer vector file, so i think this worth to try.

for the ‘test swf movie’ (sorry my mistake on the title) is recommendation from toonboom (this link: Harmony 15.0 Premium Documentation: Exporting Flash (SWF) Movies) to check the final render from that feature first.

and yes, i think u’re right about the unofficial one . I guess, i’ll have to try this swf pipeline without previewing it or just cut this option entirely

I’d say you’re potentially better off exporting a PNG sequence, or otherwise a ProRes 4444 video with alpha (if you have Harmony 21, re this video of mine). If you have Premium, then you can setup multiple Write nodes to export different elements separately.

SWF is just generally depreciated. It’s not really recommended at all, at least in my opinion.

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