how to parent the two ends of a deform curve?


Excuse my English,
I m beginning in harmony.

how would you animate a deform curve following two different parents, one at each extremity?
I want the two extremity of a rope to remain still, each one parented to its own animated target?

I can parent the offset node, but not the other end of the curve.
I can not relocate it frame by frame to its target…

How can I parent the free end of a deform curve (not the offset node)?

Hope you did understand my question!

By advance Thank you.

I don’t think that is possible yet - though this would be a HUGE improvement for using deformations for character’s legs in a walk cycle. You might try using the inverse kinematics bone tools and “pin” the end of the chain. But I have never had much luck on that tool. Its the button second to the bottom on the “tool” toolbar (on the left side normally)

If anyone has a solution, I would also be eager to know.