how to paint ?

Hello friends,

I dont understand.( sorry, i try to learn english, but is not so easy…and i try to learn Harmony too!)

Layer: vector-vector tools : pencil and Paint.
I draw the head ( one line ), i use the paint tool and… nothing .
I draw another line inside the head, in pink color . i use the paint tool and the head is pink. Why ?

Have I to snap the first and the last Point ?


it’s very unpleasant !

once i can paint, once not! ( In the tool poperties, close large gap is always selected)
I have not this problem in Animate .

Just to clarify your question, are you saying that you can draw a line with the Pencil tool but you cannot draw a line with the Brush tool?

Once you have a shape you are only able to fill the shape with solid color rather than draw brush strokes inside?

Can you write out every step something like this?:

  1. Select Pencil tool
  2. Draw circle.
  3. Select ?___? tool
  4. ?___? (paint, draw, fill, ?, )


1- select pencil tool ( black color)
2- draw a character, (circle for head )
3- After, I want to paint my character:
4- select color ( pink, for head , for exemple)
5- select paint tool ( close large gap enable -8- )
6- use paint tool . Once it’s works , once not : I dont understand it.
7- If the paint tool not works, i must draw another circle in the circle-Head.
in this case, paint tool works . Very strange

Thank you for help

The Stroke Tool is for creating shapes with invisible lines.|Toon%20Boom%20Harmony%2010%20Stage%20User%20Guide|Chapter%204%3A%20Drawing|Drawing%20using%20Invisible%20Lines|_____0

The Close Gap Tool

If you just want to fill in the space within a shape use the Paint bucket tool.|Toon%20Boom%20Harmony%2010%20Stage%20User%20Guide|Chapter%206%3A%20Colour|Painting%20Using%20the%20Paint%20Tool|_____0

Thank you, o0Ampy0o

I have the solution, I think : I drew my scene in STAGE.
If I draw in DRAW, Paint tool works very good, like in Animate pro 3 .