How to override colour with a gradient?

Hey there!

I encounter a problem.
I’m trying to override a colour with a gradient with the “Colour-Override” node.

The gradient option is greyed out when you choose the “RGB” mode.
There is a “Override Colour” mode, and I’ve read about it in the documentation and it seems you have to clone a palette to make that work. Apparently you can’t override with a existing swatch from the same palette. Am i right?

I’ve never cloned a palette before, but i did it, changed the mode to “Override Colour” and changed the colour of the colour-swatch with same name of the original swatch in the original palette. But nothing happens.

What am i missing?

Thanks in advance!

You will need to clone the palette and use the whole palette override.

The override does not depend on the colour name but the hidden ID
of the colour pot and it’s position in the palette. It should do a one-for
one replacement of all the colours from palette A to palette B.

Thanks for your response, but it didn’t work.
I made a video demonstrating the problem:

Thanks again!


Try cloning the original palette, make the gradient in the cloned
palettes colour pot that is a copy of the one you used.

Using the palette override should work to show you the gradient
but you need to use the render view to see it since it is an effect.
You will not see the change in the OpenGL view

Ah thanks!

I didn’t expect the need for render view with this effect since it does work if you choose a new non-gradient colour, so sorry for that.