How to organize views

Hello, still learning here. I’m watching the tutorials (, and as I look at the complexity of the timeline I keep wondering if it wouldn’t be better to create separate files for the front, side and 3/4 views. Then incorporate them into the final output using camera views.

What do you think?


You can always have separate master template for each pose (front, 3/4, side, 3/4 back) using the same structure.
And when there is a situation that you need to use front body with 3/4 head, bring both poses in one scene (obviously 3/4 master template is outside of camera so that it is not shown in camera) and then only drag the 3/4 head to front body after bring front head outside of camera and then animate as for the conceptual. You can do this easily by adding 3/4 head group into the whole front group and connect next to the head group of front head. keep in mind that this operation would work very smoothly as long as you have rigged properly.