How to optimize the size of my project

I use some imported “.jpeg” files for the backgrounds on my storyboard. During the process, until the end of my cleaned storyboard, I remove some of them, or change some of them… But the size of my project seems to never reduce, or not a lot, even if I remove all the jpeg from my project for exemple.

It seems that the “.jpeg” files sources stay in the folder “elements”>“Draw (1,2,3,…)” even if it’s not used anymore in the storyboard. They are converted into “.TVG” files.

I tried to optimize the size of my project by using “Optimize project”>“Remove unused elements from the project” but it doesn’t removes from the folder “elements” the ".jpeg"that are not used anymore.

Does anyone knows how to remove this unused files from the folder “elements”, because at the end my project is really heavy.

Optimizing a project doesn’t remove anything, it just reorganizes the folder structure or something, SBP saves everything you do into the folder structure without any way to remove it, but there is one way to create a new file without all that history. Here’s how: save your project, then go to File → Project Management → Extract. Select all the scenes in your file, and click “Extract Selected Scenes.” This rebuilds the file from scratch using only what is in your active file. I’ve reduced 1.2GB files into 120MB files this way. Helps for storage space as well as helps files respond faster when you’re working on them and does not effect anything within the actual work file, just gets rid of all the previously deleted garbage.

When you used “Optimize Project” with the checkbox to remove unused
elements of the project, did you save after doing this?

Perhaps these jpegs are used somewhere else in the project.
It may not be obvious that the images are still in use, for example
if you right clicked the layer and used “Share Drawing”, or if you
used “Smart Add Panel” on it earlier.

Thank you SOOOO much. This tip worked great for me.