How to open .tbp files in Harmony Stage 10.3?

I cannot open .tbp files in Toon Boom Harmony Stage 10.3.
There seems to be a lot of good learning materials with assets saved as .tbp that I’d really like to open so I can run through the tuts, but Harmony does not even show the .tbp files.
Harmony will open .tbup files but there seems to be no way to open .tbp files or even see them from within Harmony.
Please help is there a way to import or open .tbp files in Stage 10.3?

“.tbp” is a Toon Boom Studio File Format and stands for “Toon Boom Project”.
Those files are not compatible with Animate or Harmony…

Open those files with Studio and export as SWF…
Then import those files into Animate or Harmony…

Hi Nolan and thanks for your reply

Unfortunately I don’t have access to Toon Boom Studio or Animate

Is there any other way to use what appears to be very helpful tuts

The only way I know, open those .tbp-files with Toon Boom Studio.
Download the Demo and try it out…

I opened a toon boom project that was turned into a tbp file and it doesn’t open, saying the type of file is invalid.