How to open an ANIM file?

I have an extensive project that I worked on over the summer. I have since switched computers and no longer have the same version of Toon Boom as I did over the summer. I had it all saved out in .anim files, not .digital files. Now it seems I can’t open the files any more. Why is this? Why can’t Animate or AnimatePRO open the files? It says it has to be a .digital, .ple, .solo, or .tbup scene…this is very confusing. What version of Toon Boom can open a .anim file?

Well I created the project in a version of Animate that did NOT have the Network module. So I am pretty sure it wasn’t Animate Pro or Pro 2. Right now I have Animate Pro 2 PLE and it says I don’t have the proper license to open the ANIM file. Will Animate 2 open it? It would be much cheaper to get that version.

perhaps you used the standard ple initially and now using the pro and that is why they aren’t compatable?

if so you can just download the standard Animate ple.

I Currently own a copy of ToonBoom Storyboard 2 and downloaded a PLE version of animate.
I will not be able to see how they work together because one is a retail version and the other is a PLE?
How can I plan a little test scene on SBPro open it on Animate, So I can show my boss how the production pipeline works?
Actually we use SBPro for animatics and Flash for animation. And I´d like to show that using Animate, the transition between Story reel planning and animated scenes would be much easier.
Should I download a SBPro PLE, just to do this test, or there´s some way of passing files from SBPro 2 (reatil) to Animate Pro 2 PLE?

You must have an older version of Animate (Pro) on this computer. You need to upgrade to Animate (Pro) 2.


I’m sorry if I was unclear - files that were created with Animate or Animate Pro 1 had the extension .digital. Files that are created with Animate 2 or Animate Pro 2 have the extension .anim.

Did you create the file in the PLE or in the retail version? First of all so that you’re aware, any work that you do in the PLE will not open in the retail version - so you shouldn’t complete a whole project in the PLE, its purpose is simply to evaluate the software before purchase.

If you have created a project in the retail version, this will not open in the PLE. Only PLE files can be opened in the PLE.

Hope this clears it up.


Honestly, what I’d suggest is to contact Then we can set up a demo to talk about the pipeline.