How to move up and down layers?

I have absolutely no idea how to move up and down layers with the keys. I know that i can use F and G for moving back and forward cells (or , and .) but i can’t figure out how to move between layers. I’m working on 2D animation for a game, and i am doing some revisions on the original character animations I made, i wanted to separate the lines and colors onto separate layers so i could add shading layers between that i could modify in the game engine (The color of the shading would change depending on the area, similar to skullgirls). I know I could still do this without knowing the key to move up and down the layers, but it would make things much faster if i knew how to do it.

F and G navigates between drawings, H and J between layers, , and . between frames.

You can browse the shortcuts via the Edit > Preferences menu (or Harmony > Preferences on Mac).

There’s also a doc online. H and J are actually defined according to the X-sheet not the Timeline concept, so they’re called Go To Previous Column and Go To Next Column. I think that will change one day, since most people noways use the Timeline and might not know what an X-sheet is.

ok thanks, also yeah i don’t use xsheet i just use the timeline.