How to move the father without moving the sons?

hello everyone

im having some difficulties in my character,
and will be glad if anybody helps me

i drew the character (
and i worked with the parent method
the belly is the father, and the head, arms and legs are the sons

at certain point in my animation, i want to rotate the boy’s belly
without rotating the whole body

i did once like this:
selected the belly(and the whole body was select)
rotated to the new place,
and went part to part, unrotating
bringing the head arms and legs to the former place

what am i doing wrong?

So you would like to rotate the belly, without the arm’s and head rotating?

Or would you just like to rotate the top half of his body?

here is how i organized my character

>Right Arm
>right forearm
>right hand
>Left Arm
>left forearm
>left hand
>Right Leg
>right calf
>right foot
>Left Leg
>left calf
>left foot

when i select the left leg, im selecting the left calf and the left foot together

but what if i want do move the left leg without moving the left calf and left foot?

in my case, that i described before, i want to rotate the belly without rotating head, arms and legs


Are you using Animate or Animate Pro.

What you want to do is to connect your upper leg to a peg and attach your leg to it.
You add a peg to the lower leg.

You will the parent the lower leg PEG to the upper leg PEG no the upper leg itself.
Then, you parent the foot to the lower leg PEG

This way, when you animate, you can either animate the leg itself without moving the rest, or by pressing to go up in the hierarchy, and it selects the peg which selects the entire leg and then rotate the entire leg.

So your timeline portion of the leg looks something like this:

Master Peg
> Peg Lower Body
> Hips
>Peg-Full Leg
> Upper Leg
> Peg - Lower Leg
> Lower Leg
> Foot

We will be posting tutorial videos on how to do the complete version of this rigging on the How-To page during the following 7 or 8 weeks.

Let me know if you don’t understand,


I use to have a similar problem until I read this

For some reason the Digital Pro User guide has a much better explanation
of these 3 different riggin techniques.

If I had to chose the best technique to use I’d have to say the Mix Rig, cause it gives you more freedom.

i didn knew
that exist many technics to do this

thanks for the blog
i will study these ways with more time later

and ill back here to say if it works or not

thanks a lot


Thanks for your feedback… and thanks for reading my post ;).

The technique we will be showing in the video will indeed be very similar to the mix rigging technique explained in the Digital Pro documentation. It will be pushed even further to use the advantage of the animatable drawing layers in Animate and Animate Pro.

I will give your feedback to the documentation team.

Thank you,


you said that the video will be available in 7-8 weeks
that much?

there is a way to be ready before this?

ill be forever glad!


No, it is not what I said.

The videos will be divided in about 4 packs due to the amount of material to be shown. The first pack will be available next Friday (Oct 15) and the other ones will be released over the next 7 or 8 weeks. Every 2 weeks a new pack will be released.

Toon Boom Animation releases a new tutorial pack every 2 weeks.

You can already see the existing ones at:


i dont know why i said 7-8 weeks
probably i was reading other things in the same time

i watched the video tutorials
most of them, cause are many (nice!)

and today and tomorrow ill be breaking down my character
to a cut out animation

if something goes wrong
ill back here
i hope this wont be necessaire

thanks again!

Great :slight_smile: