How to move or offset shadow

I have a shadow node under my drawing node and it’s successfully creating a shadow. However, it’s directly under the drawn object. This is a top-down view of a hand over a table, so I don’t want a shadow to appear like you see in the documentation (at an angle along the ground). Instead, I just want the shadow to stick out a little bit from under the hand.
I can’t figure out how to nudge the shadow over so that you can see it from beneath the hand. I also want my shadow to be crisp, not blurry, so my radius is set to 0.


You have to add a Quadmap and Apply-Image-Transformation node to the Shadow node formula.

Try to imagine the bold words representing nodes and their positions in the network window:

Drawing node (connect bottom to the right top side of A-I-T and run another connection from its bottom to the top left port of the Composite node)

Quadmap node (top port empty, bottom port connects to the left top side of A-I-T)

Apply-Image-Transformation node (top left port to bottom of Quadmap, leave top middle port empty, top right port to bottom of Drawing, A-I-T bottom port to top of Shadow node)

Shadow node (top port connect to the bottom of A-I-T, bottom port connects to top right port of Composite)

Composite node (Left top port to bottom of Drawing. Middle top port to bottom of Shadow node, bottom port splits between Write and Display nodes)

Write node Display node

Either using the Transform Tool or entering different figures in the Quadmap’s Layer Properties window allows you to adjust the position and to distort the shape of the shadow.

The Shadow’s Layer Properties allows you to adjust the softness of the edges and its transparency among other things.

BTW you need to view the effects in Preview mode. OpenGL will not illustrate them properly.

[ NOTE: There is a picture of a similar node structure at the beginning of the section on the Shadow node in the User Guide. However instead of the Apply-Peg-Transformation you would have the Apply-Image-Transformation node: ]


Thank you so much for explaining that so well! It worked perfectly and I’ve been able to accomplish the look I was going for.

Thanks again!