How to move drop shadow?

I’ve been playing w/ the drop shadow effect, but haven’t figured out how to move the shadow w/ the object it’s attached to. If I move the object, the shadow stays in it’s original position. If I then move the shadow to the new location of the object, the shadow is then missing from its first location.

I’m trying to work out a simple way to show my students how to use this feature, and they are currently working in what I call “flip-book mode” where you move an object slowly from cell to cell, rather than using a motion peg. Can the drop shadow effect work in this style of animation? Must I create a new shadow for each cell of my object?

I believe the trick is to attach your character animation element to the drop shadow effect so that your drawings are a child of the effect. At least that’s how I have done it and the drawings can be traditionally animated and the shadow will follow their movement. I’ll do a simple tutorial for the Cartooning In Toon Boom blog when time permits. -JK

OK, below is a link to a simple and straight forward tutorial about using the Drop Shadow Effect. I hope that it helps you out. -JK