how to make snake-like arms?

hi everybody!
i’m about to animate this little guy here with toonboom animate (PLE, still … ).

has anybody an idea how to bend the arms like a snake? like this:

do i have to cut it in 10 little pieces and then rig it? or is there a more elegant way to animate it? thanks for any help!


If you have arms like in second image, you can use the morphing tool to morph. The question is if it has a texture as it is in the first image, it will be difficult to adjust texture although you can paint the texture after the morphing is done depending on the bending. You can also use the cutout by creating a necessary amount of joints to make it smooth as possible. You can also use the drawing substation of the cut-out for upper and lower arm and to have a possible combination of the arm shape.

Least, you could use the glue module by having 3 parts (or more) arms. But using glue will slow down a lot of the performance and I do not recommend this too much. By the way, this Glue effects is not there in Animate. It is only there in Digital Pro. I hope this helps.

thanks a lot!
maybe i should try something without the texture, seems to be much easier.

I’d say you do it frame-by-frame. But that’s just me. ;D

at the end i cut the arm in pieces and with the rigg inside it was pretty easy to animate. you could see the result here: