How to make lines smooth like Flash in Harmony

Just recently I downloaded the free trial for Harmony Essentials and watched some of the tutorials on the Toonboom website. Coming from Flash, there were several things I didn’t like. I started drawing with the brush tool, and got annoyed very quickly. even with the smoothing turned to %100, any line I drew was very pixel-y and unattractive. Being so used to Flash, I expected the lines to automatically snap into place, and get rid of the pixel-yness. My other problem with Toonboom Harmony was that whenever I used my Wacom Intuos to draw inside the program, the lines are always quite laggy. I’m getting quite frustrated with the two problems I just mentioned, but I really want to stick with Toonboom. Does anyone know how to fix either of these issues? Thanks!


go to preferences and try different settings for Open GL and Render, make sure you are not using a textured brush or pencil to get smooth lines, to get the lines and vector points to snap in place make sure you have snap to contour, snap and align, snap to grid selected in the tool properties panel, you have to have the selection tool selected to set up this option, I have Premium so I don’t know what options for essentials you have which is less I presume, also make sure your hardware meets Harmonys specifications for running the software.

Hi, there are ‘smoothing’ options in the brush and pencil tools. Using the Pencil tool is your best option if you are looking for clean lines as this acts more like a single vector path, whereas the brush tool will create an outlined path which is harder to keep clean and gives a more hand drawn feel. If you press K this will toggle visually to show you how many points are being created, messing with the smoothness settings in tool properties should help you get the right took you are after. There are no ‘snap’ features as such but lines will certainly look neater the more you tweak the smoothness settings.

The preview mode (OpenGL) when drawing may sometimes make things look fuzzy, but all of this is smoothed out when rendered/output so that’s just a case of getting used to how TB displays things. As for lag when drawing, I’ve never had this unless you have selected to work in ‘render view’ where everything looks smooth but when you draw the line has to render before preview. To avoid any drawing lag you need to work in OpenGL view mode and accept it may not be 100% smooth but be assured when you output is will look glorious! :slight_smile:

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I also had this similar problem, and I searched the internet as to why, but unfortunately I didn’t see an answer and I’ll tell u why I think it’s so.

Now I am also just starting out in toon boom, so please note I’m not an expert, but I believe the reason for this is the quality of the system graphics or processor, most tutorials we watch run toon boom on a system with good specs, bt I happen to be using a lower end system, and the issue of the line not being crisp have been bothering me, until I decided to play around with the settings and here’s my solution.

Under Edit>Preferences>OpenGL I was able to modify my screen rendering properties for better performance, like I said I’m not an expert, so please feel free to adjust the settings for the best performance.

But the setting in particular that address this issue is “Enable Full Screen Antialiasing” > check the box then restart the program. You should have it fixed by then.