How to make it as a freelance storyboard artist

Design your storyboard career the way you want as a freelancer

We all know how hard it is to make it as a pro artist let alone going it on your own as a freelancer. Yet most artists start out that way. The trouble is no one ever hands you a guide book with rules to follow when dealing with clients and getting paid.

Fortunately we know a guy who knows exactly what to do. Veteran storyboard artist Tony Santo has been doing it right for years even while living outside of Hollywood and even raising a family.

Who would have guess you could have a normal life as a working freelancer! Well Tony figured it out and he’s going to show us just what to do.

We are putting together a FREE workshop this Saturday January 16 to discuss how you can also become a successful freelance artist. Join host Sergio Paez as he interviews Tony and gets the insider tips.

Here are the event details:

Free online Event with Live Q&A
Saturday January 16, 2016
at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

Here’s what we are going to cover-

Learn the 4 critical business skills to make it as a freelancer
The best way to deal with clients and contracts
The pros and cons of freelancing
Live Q&A session- go ahead ask us anything!
and plenty more…

Sign up today!

Board On!

Thanks everyone for attending today’s event! We are so thankful to Tony Santo for giving today workshop on Freelancing! As promised here is the recording and the link if you are interested in the special 2 weekend special course with tony as well!