How to make effects in pro?

In video tutorials you can learn effect making with animate, but what about pro?
Where can I find a lesson what to do with effect modules in network view, and so on?

"Animating the boooooom…"


The way to make effects in Pro is covered later in the tutorials through the Compositing section.



Oops. There really are three lessons for pro.

Many thanks for fast answering Ugo!


I manage with transparency: Just drag and drop it between drawing and composite module, and I´ll see immediently the diffirence. But what about for exemble blur-directional? When I drag and drop it nothing happens. Can somebody tell me step by step making this?

Thanks S.


some fx arent visible in the preview viewport. you have to render the frame to see the effect. (which is slower of course, but you can easily switch between preview and fully rendered with that flowerbutton on the bottom left of the camera window.)

also some fx have default settings that dont change anything. i'm not sure about the directional blur, but IF it has a default blur value of zero you wont see any change until you set it to any value above zero. :slight_smile:

tip: if you hold ALT while dragging nodes they will snap into any suitable line you cross. ← huge time saver. this also works for unsnapping btw. :slight_smile:

Thanks Janusjg.
Oolright!. If I use flowerbutton I get black screen and only one frame with new effect. Which way is the best to see whole scene? In upper side there is render-and-play button(with yellow star symbol). Okei. It´s rendering but I still don´t see the result.

render and play is correct if you want to see the whole scene played back.
you have to wait for it to render the whole sequence, then it loads the frames into the player and THEN you can watch the result in realtime :slight_smile:

if you see only black you propably don`t have any background!
just put a colorcard behind your scene. of course you need something in front too, or you will just see the color of the card instead of black :smiley: