How to make Curve Deformer points behave like Control Points do in motion paths?


I have made my first Curve Deformer setup, and i am wondering is this is possible:

The problem is that it seems like the Curve Deformer points don’t just shape the drawing/group, but it also stores where the point is located in the drawing.
So moving the points squashes and stretches the drawing, just like the “Locked in Time” option does on a control point to the visual appearance of a motion path.

I really hope this is possible!

Thanks in advance!

It would depend on what you intended to do and the specific drawing but just working with a straight line as in your example the Contour Editor behaves more like the path than the Curve Deformer IMO.

You would gain some ground by carefully choosing between the two.

This would quickly lose any advantage using curvy lines which have multiple points.

There is also a button that can be added called Create Contour Stokes which automatically adds a point with a smooth arc where you have moved the line. It can be useful as it eliminates steps where a point is first added that is initially a sharp corner needing the Bezier activated with the Alt key.

I imagine you could get proficient knowing when to grab single to multiple points and when to take advantage of the Create Contour Stokes button but it would not be as nimble as your proposed idea.

Hopefully someone knows how to achieve exactly what you want.