How to make a shaper edge?

If i create a triangle shape,how can i make the edge more sharper and not a round edge?

For example: I create a straight line by using a pencil/brush tool, the start point and the end point is a rounded shape!How can i change the shape to a flat line?

I know illustrator can do that!But in TBS?How does it work?If anyone can help? Thanks in advance.


If you’re using the brush/pencil tool to make your triangle, check the properties window to see what smoothness setting you have set for that tool. If you’ve set a high value for the smooth property, it will be impossible to get a sharp edge.

You might want to try using the line or polyline tools to make a triangle, however - nothing but sharp edges w/ those tools!

Hi Kwen,

For the moment it is impossible to do those type of edges automatically inside Toon Boom Studio. Although I have added it in the feature list and might be implemented in the new release of Toon Boom Studio.

In the meantime the way you could do that is by transforming your line to brush and then using the cutter or scissor to remove the round edge.

Best regards,


Thank you for you’re help!Will try it. ;D
Hope can solve this in the next version.