How to make a large pile of particles in Harmony

Hi. Using the falling leaves particle system that comes in Harmony, I would like to make a tall pile of leaves that just sits on it’s own with no additional leaves falling out of the sky, then later have some characters jump in it. When they jump into the pile, I would like some leaves to fall out. How would I do that? Thank you.

If no one steps up with a specific step by step description this might be useful:

You may have a deadline or not have the interest but understanding the way particle systems work is going to be a valuable bit of knowledge to have going forward. So gaining the understanding in the process rather than just going for this one specific application would be better time spent.

If I were to attempt this I would watch the general tutorials on particle systems in Harmony. Then start with the closest preset (the falling leaves of course). Then take note of the settings and experiment with them to see how the changes effect the preset.

There are probably several ways to approach this. I suspect you would utilize the bounce node later in the Timeline to get the pile to move once it has settled. It will take a lot of finessing to get the floaty leaf feel as it leans towards a bouncing ball effect by default.

I would have put it all together for you if I had more time as we both could gain from it (finding answers to user questions has been how I learned to use the software). Good luck.

Here is a link to a search for videos on Harmony particles (NOTE Do not worry about the version of Harmony in any video. Most videos have relevant information that applies to all versions. Later if you cannot find something ask here or contact Support and someone should describe a change between versions.):