How to make a jerky motion tween?

Hi, I’d like to know if there’s anyway that I can easily make an object move from left to right in a way that looks like it’s being moved by hand- in an almost steady, but slightly wobbly way.

I’m planning on making a whole animation like this so is there a quicker way than making lots of keyframes between one motion?

Help would be very much appreciated.


Hi Dan,
In TBS, there is not automatic way to do this. Displacement control is achieved creating a peg and hooking the drawing element into it, then using several motion keyframes, to done a jerky look. It can vary the design scrolling speed between keyframes by using the function editor, changing the slopes between keyframes in Motion path and the slope of speed acceleration or deceleration to occur between segments, and implement linear and non linear ways (easy in, easy out) . The created peg can be stretched or compressed by pulling its end in timeline, and also saved as a template and can be reused. You can make some minor change if needs. I hope that helps. Regards. Yoryo

how do you hook a drawing on the peg element?? Whenever I add a peg element, I tried ti import a drawing or create one. however it wont let me. what am I doing wrong?-a.j.

In Toon Boom Studio, unlike Flash, you can’t do that with a built in “tween” control. In TBS you achieve that by attaching an element to a peg. This is flat you do. You draw an object in a layer. Then right click on the keyframe you drew it in and choose extend exposure. You then type in…let’s say 20. Then at the top right corner of the white drawing space you have 3 small pictures in a column. You choose the second one from the top (the one with the camera on it). Then you can say you are in “Camera view”. From there you can make tweens. you click on the layer you drew the object in and click the button above it that says when you put your cursor over it and wait, it says, “Create parent peg element”. you now have a peg attached to your element. You then click on the layer you drew into and select the FIRST keyframe. then you click on the most bottom tool on the left, which when you put your cursor above and wait says “motion”. then you click on your drawing in the drawing space, and drag it to the left. Then you go to the LAST keyframe, and with that same tool , you drag it to the right of the draw space, and you’re set! Just press preview movie and you can see the object move from left to right. I’m sorry if i wrote this tutorial like I’m talking to a complete noob, but this is the way I like the most when somebody explains animation to me. Hope I helped1

Another way of adding a drawing to a peg layer is if you already have a drawing layer, create a new peg layer by clicking on the “Add peg element” button. Then you can just select your drawing layer in the timeline and drag and drop it on top of the peg layer, and it will indent, showing you that the drawing is now a child of the peg.

Then you can animate the peg with the motion tool.

Hope this helps.