how to make a great looking DVD?????


I´ve got a big problem right now.
I´ve tried to export the movie to both AVI and Quicktime, it turns out to be great quality, very sharp (140mb of 6s. of film).
When I try to convert it into DVD-file it turns out to be something like 7mb and very blurry, not as sharp as the AVI-file. I´m shure the mb talks for it selves if I´m not wrong, BUT HOW DO I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM???


Well, not sure what you mean with “ to convert it into a DVD-file”… ?
What exactly are you doing… ?
What Software are you using to convert your file… ?
What DVD-Authoring Program are you using… ?
At what resolution and codec are you exporting from TBS… ?


I´m not a genius at all about this, but I´ll try to explain.
I´m exporting the movie in TBS 4.0 to AVI or Quicktime, no compression, 720x480
Then I tried to convert it to DVD in “DVD santa” then I tried in “DVD Architect”, it gives the same blurry result, kind of out of focus.

To answer your question about: Well, not sure what you mean with “ to convert it into a DVD-file”… ?
Convert it to VIDEO_TS (if that is the right word).

Well, I am using a Mac, so I have very little knowledge about “Santa” and “Architect”…
(I am using iDVD and Toast Titanium for DVD encoding)

I guess you’re using in TBS “DV NTSC” - 720 x 540 - Frame Rate 30…?
Export this file as QuickTime Movie ,”uncompressed 8-bit” - if you like,
but “Animation” should do …

Make sure that your DVD-Authoring program is set to the same resolution and frame-rate.
Then import your movie-file and let the program do the encoding and final burning.
(Your Authoring program might show you only Preview Quality, don’t rely on that…)
(Are you able to do a Test-burn as a Disc-Image ? that might give you a better preview)

You have to watch the final DVD on a TV-set to see the proper result.

If the outcome is still unsatisfactory, you might have to change the Authoring Software,
or even the DVD-brand (try Verbatim or Imation).


Thanks a lot, I´ll try that.


I usually export my animation into AVI and then send them to Total Video Converter to change into DVD-ready mpegs. The quality is amazing and the GUI is friendly and extensive, with lots of options to fit your needs. I highly recommend it. Just remember to match the settings of your output mpeg to your original TBS export.

Another great app I use is DVD Workshop from Ulead. Great authoring software and with its use of playlists, you can even use your animations to lead into neat menus (like many retail DVDs do). People seem to like the demos I send them, so I recommend this program too. :slight_smile: