how to lope advancing background


What’s the question?

  • I would create a bg that has the start and end identical so that you can loop it. For example let’s say the bg to loop covers 2 camera wide sections and then repeats. You would have bg made up of sections A --B – AA. AA being identical to A but put at the end of the pan.

    - Now you have to position the BG so that you create the keyframes at the start and end of the pan. For example I want the BG to repeat every 30 frames. I position a keyframe at 1 and at 30. I switch back and forth between 1 and 30 until section AA is exactly at the same place as A visually.

    - You almost have a loop now but the problem is that if you have multiple repeats in the scene and you loop 1>30, 31>60, 61>90 for example, you will have a small delay at frame 30 and 31 because they are identical (one is AA, the other is A again). So my trick is to add another Keyframe on frame 29 and replace 30 with this new value. Now 30 is slightly different than 31 and the loop will flow through.

I think he wants to know how to loop a background. You can use a peg to animate the background, and use the onion skin to help you get the position right. Then you can copy and paste the keyframes as a cycle.