How to loop a walk cycle?

What am I doing wrong?

Creating a walk cycle, so I have my character rig and have made a 18 frame walk cycle using key frames, now I want to loop it (using a mac) so with all my pegs collapsed I click on frame 1, shift + option click on frame 18 then control click on frame 18 select change loops, type in 2 say ok, an extra 18 frame blue box appears in the time line and the character is extended for an additional 18 frames but the only movement that is transferred is the up and down bounce the arms and legs don’t move. What am I doing wrong? ???

I suggest that you might gain some insight by reading this previous thread on walkcycle with cutout animation method. If you still have questions then we will try to help you out. The biggest drawback to a forum is that frequently asked questions get buried in piles of new threads. -JK

Thanks, that did help. it was a good detailed explanation.