How to loop a straight path from A to B so it jumpsback to A and continues to B?

I did what it says in the manual by right clicking the segment and clicking change loops, but all it does is extend the path and doesn’t just loop back to the start of the original path and continue on like i want it to. How do i do this?

Hello Toonboomnoob:When you apply change loops to path, TBS repeats the trajectory of original so many times as you indicate. So that path returns to the beginning point, the point A and the B would have to be located in the same place like circular type. Ex: keyframe 1 in the point A, keyframe 2 in another place, keyframe 3 (B) again in the point A, then, if you change loop to 3, path will cross 3 times the same way happening through its origin A. In him you can load a simple element, but if it has more than 1 keyframe, you will have to select all their assigned content into A - B go to edit and copy cell, then paste cell next 2 times more to fill all content with keyframed effect. If you create a element with various cells you must create a cycle: select content, then right button:create cycle 2 times or more to fill the looped trajectory peg ;)yoryo

thanks yoryo :).