How to load Clipart into Library
I am having a “dickens” of a time getting my drawing format to insert the clipart. It download fine, but the library will not load it, and it will not open with toon-booms. I see in the manuel where the global library has clip art as a tag level. How do I accomplish this. I want to do my own drawing but to learn the program and get some projects ready for school before the first I wanted to use the clipart without reinventing the wheel. Anyone can answer, I am sure I am just missing a step somewhere. The program is stuck on flash. I bought the program because I can’t and don’t want to learn FLASH :stuck_out_tongue:

I am wondering the same thing. I have the same problem. There are .tbt files, but TBS does not associate with them and I am not able to find a way to import them into the Global library.

I think that the terminology “clipart” and “templates” are used interchangably in TBS documentation and on the web site. Is that true?

The documentation falls short of the steps to importing these .tbt files as far as I can tell.

Open the library window hold down the control key and click in the right hand window you will see a menu with import in it. you may want to make a catalog to place that stuff in to do that hold down the control key and click on the global library and choose new catalog. clip art is made up of one drawing and can be dragged to an element in drawing mode. templates are made up of multiple drawings and have to be opened up in screen planning mode by dragging them to the timeline. I am a mac user so if you are on a pc try holding down what ever key you do for that type of thing

In Library right click on the right side window and import them that way. I had to scroll through the docs to find out. Now I use them constantly.

I reuse the same head for one of my characters instead of redrawing and I have all of the differentposes etc in the library that I pull from.