How to light or darken up a 3D room in Toon Boom Animate Pro?

From the centre?
I can’t figure this out, I have made a boxed room in Pro, but just can’t figure out how to give it light from a light source in the centre.

Any help please?

Hi,I think using the radial gradient to paint your walls would be the best.How did you paint your walls? Solid or gradient?Marie-Eve

Thank you for the help, I shall give that a go.I painted the walls solid.

I hope it will help.There is no light source feature like in 3D software. The best way to simulate a light source is with gradient. I find it does a good job.Or at least, depending on the style you want to achieve and want to use solid colour, you can paint your wall with two different tints.Marie-Eve

I originally tried to make a squarish cone in 3D, then use the highlight, then I soon realized I needed to peg the light + a wall or something. lol

Personallty I have found the 3D feature to be excellent for creating depth and a real time saver. However I wouldn’t use it to make feature characters if you know what i mean.If you use tone/highlight instead of gradients then you could animate the highlights which might be helpful.By the way a square cone is a pyramid :smiley: