how to keep timeline head from moving while editing panels?

Hi, I’m new to storyboard pro, and I have a question that probably has an obvious answer.

In the timeline view, I am building a storyboard and animatic to an audio music track. I find a spot in time that I want a particular panel to happen at, but when I go to drag the head of said panel, the timeline head jumps to my stylus and i lose my place in time. Is there any way to keep the timeline head stationary so I can snap the panel to it? I’ve been digging around now for a bit but cant find an answer. Thanks!


You can prolonge one empty panel for the whole music track, and then use the split panel command.
Explained this earlier here:

Make a quick pilot and check that everything works, including final export/render, before you start a big project.

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Thanks! I arrived to that conclusion myself, but I would do it in smaller chunks to make it a bit more manageable. I started to find my spot in time, take note of the count, and then drag a panel and keep an eye on the frame count while pulling. It would certainly be a bit easier if the time head remained in its position, but this way isn’t terrible either.

One other thing that would be nice was if panels (or scenes) operated a bit more independently for editing purposes. Like, it would be great if I could grab a scene and slide to a spot in time without it having to be butt up against the previous scene. Maybe in future versions.

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The timeline curson/playhead will stay firm and not move if you place it inside the range of any panel and at the frame you like the new panel to start. Then go to the top menu -Storyboard - Split Panel at Current Frame.

To find the exact point on a sound track, turn on soundscrubbing to ease the operation.

As a method one can start with one empty panel with the duration for the whole soundtrack. Then split it into the amount needed. Using the -Split Panel at Current Frame.

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