How to introduce elements in the library?

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…I would like to know how I have to do to put, elements in to the library, for example, expressions and parts of a character. What I mean is how, for example, is the process to make differents mouths for differents expressions, differents eyes, legs, arms…etc. I remember, in my course, when I was drawing a part, it was already put into the library, automatically, I think it is annoying that each drawing made, pass automatically to the library, it´s my personal opinion. Well, anyway, where I can to learn to use the library?.

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When you are drawing in a layer it’s not putting it in the library it just stays in that layer’s content. What you think is in the library is just the display of the content of the layer in the Library’s Drawing Substitution preview window.

If you select any drawing layer in the Timeline you will get a preview of the drawing cell that you are on.

If you were creating a symbol then a symbol would really be in the Library. Same thing if you create a template in the Library. Then when selecting the symbol or template in the Library the preview box would be different. It would then be a preview of the content in the symbol or template.

You could start by looking at these videos:

…Hello friend… Thank you for your help… I have been seeing the tutorials and still I don´t understand how put in to the library, the elements correctly. I understand how to create a symbol, it´s easy, but, how to put in to the library, differents eyes, or legs, for example, I don´t understand it. I´m so sorry, can you help me??..

…Thank you…

Like Lilly said if you want to reuse parts of animation or poses in another scene you have to create a template in the Library. To do that you have to unlock the library folder by right-clicking on the little folder with the padlock and choose Rights to Modify. Now that the folder is unlocked you can select a range of cells in the right side of the Timeline and drag and drop them in the library. This will create a template of that action. You could also select whole layers from the left side of the Timeline and drag them to the library. If you are in Animate Pro you can select modules or groups in the Network view, copy and then paste in the library.

When you want to reuse those templates in another scene you just have to open the other scene, then drag and drop the template in the Timeline or the Network. This will make a copy of those elements in the second scene. They will be totally independant from the first scene or template.

Well here’s the thing. As you’re drawing new elements, those elements become available for swapping on the current layer. So if you want to animate on that layer, in this scene, you can already do that. They are already there. There’s no second step necessary to put them in the library, like there is in Flash.

The only thing we need to use the Library for in Toon Boom is when you want to transfer drawings from one scene file to another. So for example, if you want to save a whole character to use in another scene, then you can save the whole character. Or you can save parts of a character, if you just want to swap out blinks for example.

Are you working in Animate or Animate Pro?