How to import Studio library in Animate?

Hi There!
Just got Animate, waiting for the rev2, and here my first question:
Having worked 'til now with TB Studio I managed to build a big library full of…stuff. How could I bring those models, sketches, drawings in Animate with ease?

Thanks in advance for your reply! ;D

not sure if thats possible yet. You cant continue working on projects you started in Toonboom in Animate unless u save each scene as a swf sadly right now. I really hope they change that. So Im not sure if you can actually open tbs libraries in Animate, but would be great for those trying to migrate from one product to the next.

As Corey says, it is not possible to carry over your library from Studio to Animate. The only way is to do an export to .swf then import the .swf into Animate.

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Centosauro3K, sorry dude, I will tattoo a Tear drop :’( under my eye to support how you must feel after hearing/reading that news.

Ooh no!!

@AlexF, thank you for your support! But please, no tattoos on your cheek, I’ll get over of it anyway!

If there’s anything can shade out the shine of a software house I’d say it’s exactly this.
I bought something like a year ago TB Studio thinking that, willing to get a little deeper into animator’s life, I would have eventually upscaled my pipeline to a more proficient way and only then discover that is not possible… it’s really bad.

I’ll figure out with swf files or whatever way but man, this is not a good start…

i’m in there with ya, man. after spending a few hours exporting+importing+renaming, i’d spend $50 for a conversion program.

i should be clear, though - i’m happy that i was able to keep my library. four hours is less than the time spent building it all in the first place.

key thing is that to import the .swf file in animate you have right-click on animate in the library and select the modify option. otherwise, the import option in the menu is greyed out.