How to import PDF into Storyboard Pro?

An artist has saved all his drawings as one PDF file. I want to import this PDF as a series of images. I go to Library and Import Files but only see a .tpl file that shows one image from the PDF (of about 40 images total). Any advice on how to see the rest of the images or else how to more correctly import a PDF?
Thank you.

I figured out this method below, not sure if it’s the ideal way but it works. Go to Library tab and create new folder in Global Library. Rename it and right click on the folder> Import Files. Import the PDF. It will show up as a .tpl file. Right click on that and select Open as Folder. It will show a bunch of tgv files. Grab each and drag over timeline window one at a time in order from top to bottom (it will build as layers onto one scene). Then go to Storyboard> Import images as scenes. There will now be a bunch of “draw” files in the SBP project folder. That’s what you can ow import as scenes. Let’s hope this is a work around and there is a smoother way to do it, Toon Boom?

Nope, that’s the way to do it. You might want to consider getting the full version of Acrobat to edit the document into 40 single image documents which might make it easier to manage. I don’t think you will have much control over how a multi-page document imports since this was not anticipated by the software interface.

Alternately, you could take a screenshot of each page of the PDF document and import that instead.