How To Import New Fonts to ToonBoom Animate?

Hey guys, I have some new fonts saved in .oft file. How do I add these new fonts to Toon Boom Animate Pro 2? Thank you

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The new fonts must be activated from the system, so that when you start the software they are included in the drop-down menu in tool properties>font
The fonts are not added directly to the software. I usually use .ttf fonts, but activating the .otf fonts in the system, you can quickly check if they are compatible with the software when they appears in tool properties>font menu


Exactly. Just install the font on your operating system and it will show up in the list. Are you on Windows or Mac?


My toon boom on mac doesn’t recognize the fonts in the font book, it gives me some other fonts, is there a way to change this? I’m running Harmony Version 17

I’m having the same problem on Toon Boom Harmony 17 Premium v17.0.2 on a Windows 10 PC. I installed 2 TTF fonts on my PC. Both fonts are available in other programs like Adobe Animate and Microsoft Word but not in Harmony.

Does Harmony not support using system fonts and is limited to only the fonts that come installed with it?

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exactly i have the same problem too

I had a problem where new fonts wouldn’t appear in Animate Pro’s font list eventhough they worked in other software.

The fix: Close Toonboom Animate if open. Make sure your new font is .TTF (if it is not, you can convert them online). When you have your .TTF fonts go to: C:\Program Files\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Animate Pro 2\resources\fonts on your computer and move your new fonts (.TTF versions) to this folder.

That’s what worked for me, after lots of trail and error. :slight_smile: Hope it helps you! :slight_smile:

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Your fix works. My SINCERE gratitude! :heart: