How to import image sequence in the right order

I have tried to import a sequence of images. The images are numerically named for example: "frameName1.png, frameName2.png…"etc.
The importing is fine but the ordering of the frames is wrong because frameName10 appears right after frameName1

How do I fix this? What order of naming should I batch process these images in Photoshop to make sure that the image appear in the right sequence?

Any suggestions?

You are right.

Renaming the first ten frames from 01 worked for Animate.

The problem was photoshop, kept renaming things wrong making frame 33 number 37 and frame 10 became 17 and so forth. I need to study up on photoshop more maybe the batch export setting is wrong.

Are you using Animate or Animate 2? Animate Pro or Pro 2?

The easiest way to solve this issue would be to simply rename your first 9 images to frameName01.png, frameName02.png, … frameName09.png, then frameName10.png should appear after 09.

The other thing you could do is you could import the first 9 first, then do a second import to import 10-99