How to Import Illustrator file in Animate pro 3

How do I Import Illustrator file in Animate pro 3?

Hi, if it works the same as Pro 2 you have to do it using library.
So if you don’t see, go to Windows-> Library
then right clik on you Animate Pro Library, enable “Right to Modify”.
create a folder (eg Illustrator files) and select it.
Now go to File-> Import-> SWF, Illustrator Files to Library
(now the programs knows where to put the file)
Later you can right click of the “Illustrator files” folder in the Library, selecting “Import Files”
When you see it in your library you drag it to the camera view or next to the timeline, where you have your drawing layers.

TY. actually there’s another problem in swf import. When i tried to import swf only few frames are shown in Animate pro 3!!!