How to import Animate 2 animation into Unity 3D


I’m planning to create games for iPhone with some cartoon-like animation. Has anyone tried to create animation using Animate 2 and import it into Unity3d? Appreciate any help. Thanks.


What file format does Unity3D support? Are you able to import quicktime movies? You could try exporting from Animate 2 as w Quicktime movie with H.264 codec.

Toon Boom Support

Here’s the link to their web site that talks about asset importing and file formats they supported.

From what I read they do support quicktime video. I was able to add the quicktime video that I generated using Animate 2 as part of the assets but it doesn’t appear in the list of animations that I can call from the script. I’m still tinkering with the tool. I just thought of posting here and find out if any Animate user has done this before. Thanks.

unity 3d appears to be an interesting choice for a 2D iphone project.

A quicktime movie wouldn’t be an animation because that is just too intensive. I imagine there would be a function to play the movie.

I would imagine your animation would literally just be a bunch of drawings called in order because you would have no 3d mesh or bones.

Is there a reason your using this? What sort of game are you attempting (visually)?

Hi Raider, thanks for your input. I’m planning to create an interactive game with cartoon-like animation (similar to any typical flash animation) for iPhone & iPad. My choice of game engine is either Torque or Unity. I’m currently looking for animation software that I could use to create the cartoon animation. Some recommend to use Maya or Cinema 4D since the animation files can be imported seamlessly in either Torque or Unity. Apart from being expensive they are also a little complicated to use. I find Animate 2 easier to use and perfect for cartoon-like animation.


I would recommend having a look at these tutorials

I think using unity or torque for non-3d project would be a mistake.

Animate is definitly an excellent choice for iphone development graphics wise especially with the current apple hatred for flash (flash even tried to get around this and apple have basically said they will reject apps made this way).

I think that you should have a look at doing it with the native iphone development toolkit as it will most probably run better and get a higher quaility than using an engine and it well suited to importing 2D graphics/animations.

It will also mean you have more control on fixing issues with your app.

Hi Raider. That’s a very interesting suggestion. It does make a lot of sense. I’ll consider this option. Thanks a lot.