How to import Affinity Designer vector with layers

Does anybody know a way to export from Affinity Designer to Toon Boom Harmony preserving layer information? If I do export to pdf and import in in the Library, all vector info is flattened to a single layer…

I tested it out, and it seems Toon Boom doesn’t recognize the layers Affinity Designer creates for its editable PDFs, or possibly, only Affinity Designer recognizes them and when attempting to import its PDF into other applications like Toon Boom and Illustrator all layers will be flattened to one.

So I think the only workaround would be to export each layer from your Affinity Designer Project as a PDF using Affinity Designer’s Export Persona as I’ve shown in the below video:

For some reason, I also ran into scaling issues with imported the PDF files from Affinity Designer, but my video shows a workaround for overcoming that.

The overall process is similar to how others used to import vector art from Illustrator and Affinity Designer into Moho before Moho added new SVG import layer retention import options in version 14. I wish Toon Boom had a similar option for non-illustrator related vector files.

Regardless, I hope this helps.