How to import a .tbs file?

I got this software because I can’t draw. I was looking forward to being able to get some stock characters from a template to use.
I have downloaded a template (Halloween). It contains .tbs files.
How do I get the files into Toon Boom?
Here is what I have tried so far:
Drag and drop individual files to the library, stage, and timeline.
Create a new template file in the library linking to the folder where the files are located on my computer.
Import File from File menu.

Nothing at all happens with any of these methods, and I am out of ideas.
After an hour and a half of searching help files, forums, and the web, I don’t find anything at all relating to this subject. Could something be wrong with the installation?
Does anyone know how to get a .tbs file into toon boom?
I am worried now that this software was a mistake. Please help.
Yours truly,

As far as I know, Template folders, e.g. “Halloween” contain “.tbt” files…
Where did you find the “.tbs” files…?

Open Toon Boom Studio / open the Library /
Right-click the left window (where the folders are) /
Choose Create Library /
Navigate to the downloaded Halloween folder / Click Choose /
(maybe move this folder before into the “Toon boom Studio Global Library” folder)

This folder will instantly appear in your Library /
Go to File (top menu-bar) Save Global Library /
Open that folder / All Subfolders will be visible /

Select any of those and all included Templates will be visible in the right Library window /
Either double click any of those Templates to see them in the preview-window,
or right click the right Library window and choose / View / Thumbnails.
Drag any of those Templates into your viewport or Timeline…


OOps, I typoed. Yes, the template contains .tbt files, not .tbs files. It also has a .tbc file.

First, thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my post and help with my problem.

I tried the method you suggested, and still no joy. No files appear in the folder at all.

I thought I had it for a minute when I right clicked in the left library panel, chose “Open Library” and saw that it was looking for a .tbc file. When I try to load the file, nothing happens.

I’m moving on to other software (Crazytalk) but I will continue to check this forum occasionally to see if there are more ideas to try. ToonBoom seems to have great potential if I can just get past the step of getting a character into it. It looks like the learning curve is steep enough that it won’t serve my purposes to be a quick and easy animator, but maybe someday I will be smart enough to figure it out.

Again, thanks very much for your suggestions.