How to give feedback on Learn Beta...

I have been going through the excellent rigging tutorials on Harmony Premium by Genevieve Demers. The course is Rigging 2 with Harmony Premium. Anyway, every so often a pop up window displays asking if I would give a survey on my experience but every time I click it I never get through to actually take the survey.

I had one issue with the course and that is when I got to the Using Multiple Layers/Activity 2 Creating a Multi-Layered Mouth and Activity 3 Creating a Multi-layered Hand, there is a mix up with the videos.

In Activity 2 the two videos are Creating a Multi-layered Mouth Part 1 and Creating a Multi-layered Hand Part 1.

And then in Activity 3 the two videos are Creating a Multi-Layered Hand Part 1 and Creating a Multi-Layered Mouth Part 2.

The video Creating a Multi-Layered Hand Part 2 is missing and the Mouth Part 2 video is in Activity 3 when it should be in Activity 2.

Other than that love the depth of this course!

You know all you hear anymore is that Toon Boom is doomed! Open Toonz, Krita, Blender and the 2D features, blah, blah, blah. Yes, competition is a good thing but you can gain a competitive advantage by having first class training and tutorials. If you have a robust learning center online and your users are able to quickly learn your software, well, that can be a crown jewel for Toon Boom that can pay off handsomely.

Hi scungyho,

Thank you very much for your feedback. I made sure Genevieve Demers received your compliments.

We will address the issues you listed very shortly and we will update the modules. I will let you know when it’s done.
Thank you very much for catching this.

I communicated the Survey issue to our Web team. We will see what the issue is there.

Again, thank you for your feedback. Continue sharing it. It’s really useful to the Community and us!


why not have the learn beta as a downloadable set of tutorials, i really like how the bear looking character with the blueish sweater is setup, it has a lot of cutter work and techniques that would be useful to the users.

Hi guys.

Both modules have been fixed. :bigsmile: Thanks for the heads up and all the great feedback!

Looking forward to putting more content out there for users to enjoy. :glasses:

Hi Nicky,

All the material from the Learn portal can be downloaded. Each module has a Download Material section on the right side.

Let me know if it is what you are referring to.

You can download the bear looking character at the module level.


Thank you Gen!


thanks i did see the download part but i was also referring to the videos as well and i have a question about the blank rig template, can it be used commercially or would i have to make one from scratch that’s similar?

No-one is saying TB is doomed in any way - it is far too ingrained in studios’ pipelines.

I do think it is interesting to see that merely within the scope of the past year the 2d animation software options have surprisingly opened up to include a number of great and potentially workflow-changing options.

I will be the first to check out Blenders Grease Pencil tools for 2d animators - they look sorta (r)evolutionary to me - I mean, a real-time true 3D high-quality viewport (real-time DOF) with multiple camera views all playing simultaneously, and making changes while the animation is playing, is pretty cool.

And Blender’s powerful graph and non-linear animation tools with superb 2d and 3d IK rigging thrown in for good measure, and a true integrated 3d environment with a GPU accelerated render engine instead of reliance on an external Maya? And full stereoscopic tools, as well as full 3d sound capabilities in a scene? For free? With automated 2d puppet rigging and nice 2d fbf tools?

Well, sign me up, please.

Three series video tutorials of very good quality are available for OpenTOonz at this point. And Blender does have an official portal (Blender Cloud) with high quality professional video tutorials as well - although not exactly aimed at 2d animation, of course.

I just mean to say that open source and free does not inherently equate to either insufficient or low quality learning materials. I feel it is quite the opposite, actually.

But yes, a dedicated learning portal is always a good idea.

hvanderwegen, well, in my experience I have always found open source and free software to be lacking in terms of documentation and tutorials. Oh, sure, you may find some, and it is not like it does not exist, but, it sure does pale in comparison to the training I am used to. The training that I have no problem paying for without a second thought.

For example, I love Apple’s Motion and I think I have bought all of Ripple Training’s Motion training. High quality stuff, scene files, downloadable videos but also I am able to log into their cloud portal and access all of the tutorials and videos that I have purchased.

I use Illustrator and love Von Glitschka’s training on Again, the training is just incredible and Von is a great teacher.

In going through Genevieve’s Rigging course it was very expansive and complete. It is right up there with the high quality training that I have spent money on, and I would gladly have spent money on Genevieve’s course. I spent money on Digital Tutors Harmony tutorials and spent $50 for one month access and then frantically spent that whole month going through the tutorials.

But, I have also been on Youtube trying to scrape, dig and uncover tutorials on Toon Boom over the years. I appreciate and applaud the efforts of Tony Teach, Manamations, Jon Taylor, Kyu-bum Lee, Frank Summers, Onion Skin, Stephen Sloan and even some foreign speaking tutorials by Sergio SF and Atman Studios. I may not have understood what they were saying but I would go full screen on the video and try to pick up what I could.

I agree with you that there are many options available for 2D animation and that makes it all the more important for companies to not just let training and tutorials be generated by the users alone. Toon Boom has intimate knowledge of the apps they make and they should offer the strongest, most complete training.

Hi Nicky,

Thank you for your feedback. We will consider it.