How to get vectors out of Animate

Does anyone know how to export Animate files as EPS?
I am trying to draw in Animate then move to Illustrator to do print work.
Sure would be nice not to redraw everything in Illustrator.


If you have Flash you should be able to use that as a go-between, meaning you save out a swf out of Animate and then open it in Flash and then export it out as an EPS. The colors may shift on you but that is how I manage to do it using Adobe CS 3 Flash and Illustrator.


This is definitely something that needs looking at by the ToonBoom guys. It should be easy enough to arrange a PDF / AI / EPS frame export option?? It would be very useful to be able to print a frame directly from TB, too. A big downside for me, as the current way of doing it requires a lot of messing around.