How to get started with Animation?

Hey just joined this site cause I had a few questions about animation.

What do most professional animators use to animate?
Also what programming do you need to know if any for an animation?


This is not the most active forum in the world.

I am new to animation and have been on a personal quest to learn everything I can since last summer.

I have read of pros using Harmony, Animate, Animate Pro, even Studio, then there is TV Paint, Flipbook, Flash, Photoshop and at least a couple of the 3D programs with “Toonz” features making everything look like 2D cartoons. There are probably some proprietary programs being used exclusively along the lines of Pixar’s 3D software. Some studios still do everything the old fashioned way hand-drawing frame by frame.

I don’t think you have to know any programing. Being able to write scripts would be handy. Many studios have separate positions for various steps and maybe a full time programmer to customize the workflow. I don’t know how open any software is but the script writing would be important to efficiency. Anyone that understands how can write scripts for Animate on up to Harmony.

Practicality would favor a Jack of many skills in smaller environments. However unless you have a knack for programing you would probably be better off ignoring it and focusing on drawing skills more than anything else.