How to get 'good' at toonboom?/your ultimate goal with it

How would you guys suggest really getting good at it? whether it be youtube, manuals or groups. How should i go about getting adequate at each funtion in toonboom?
I want to make my own show possibly.

Some people prefer video training and some people like self paced tutorials. I always had my best luck with step by step tutorials so that is what I provided to help new users get their feet wet. They are located at [url=] Cartooning In Toon Boom . This link will take you to the Learning Track which you can follow as you progress. I have received hundreds of e-mails and comments over the past few years from new users who have benefited greatly from these tutorials so I feel confident that they can help you too. They are out there free of charge so take advantage of them. And best of luck. -JK

thanks man ill check out that link

I’ve been using TBS for awhile now but I’ve worked on the principle of “learn what I need to and move on” which has been rather inefficient. So now I’m taking my time and going page by page through the User’s Guide (and I’m learning alot).For what it’s worth I just started going through “How to Make Animated Films” [url=] also. I like that it’s a structured curriculum with “assignments”.Thanks to JK for the link - it looks terrific and I haven’t run across that site as of yet.

I just want to get good enough to where I dont fee like I have to trouble shoot it and figure why things are working the way they seem there supposed to

[url=]ToonBoom 4 - videos good basicsWoot! Finally got ToonBoom ordered- it will be here soon. :)My goal is to first learn all the good stuff I’ll need, the above was a good start. From there - the skies the limit.