How to get characters to hug (or something similar)


So I’m still very new to animation/animating with harmony. I’ve tried googling, but can’t seem to come up with the answer I need. Basically, I just want to know how to get 2 separate characters to interact so that certain body parts can go in front of the other like a hug. (In my case, I have a mother who is holding her bundled baby in front of her, so her arms need to wrap around the baby). I’ve deduced that both of these characters need to be rigged with pass-through composite modules, although, to be honest I’m not entirely sure what composite modules do…I’ve read about them here & know that they flatten the image to a certain degree based on what type you pick, but why or when you choose to use them & how many modules you need still eludes me. Anyways, after the pass-through composite module part, I’m not entirely sure what to do? How would I get one or both of her arms wrapped around the baby?

You would need to keyframe the body parts’ Z-axis over time
to control their front/back positioning.

The other questions you ask are explained in the documentation. node
(see composite nodes and about composite nodes

You should also have a look at some of our tutorials:

Thank you for guiding me in the right direction :slight_smile: